At the Annual General Meeting of the parish (June 2019), a summary of the work accomplished in the first year of Divine Renovation was presented to the parish. Many good things have been accomplished and these form the foundation for Year Two. From the Five Systems of a Healthy Parish, the Pastoral Council and the Leadership Team are focusing on Evangelization (strength), Liturgy (opportunity), Discipleship (weakness), and Community (strength) (see Parish Newsletter, Vol 1:1, for explanations) throughout this Pastoral Year 2019 – 2020. Evangelization is a word we’re not especially comfortable with in our Catholic tradition. However, it is at the heart of who we are and what we do as Christians and disciples. Liturgy is the activity of the community in which everyone participates. Discipleship, also an unfamiliar word in Catholic circles, speaks to our relationship with Christ and the parish and our commitment to one another to model and mentor each other in faith. Community refers to who we are as people who come together for liturgy, sacraments, prayer, outreach, and social activities. In Year Two of Divine Renovation, we will be offering opportunities for members of the parish to learn about their faith, deepen their prayer life, and discover again the beauty of the sacraments, principally, the Mass. It is an exciting year ahead and we are counting on the full, active, and conscious participation of each parishioner.