October is for some people the best month of the year.  Typically, we see the trees in full fall colours, the harvest is in, and we celebrate Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving in Canada can be traced back to “Sir Martin Frobisher and his crew in the Eastern Arctic in 1578. They ate a meal of salt beef, biscuits and mushy peas to celebrate and give thanks for their safe arrival in what is now Nunavut,” (thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/ en/article/thanksgiving-day, July 5, 2019).  This article says that the first time Thanksgiving, as we know it today, was celebrated in Canada was on November 6, 1879. Thankfully the folks back then adopted the tradition coming from the indigenous peoples and the Americans rather than keeping the original Eastern Arctic menu. There was a religious element to the original Thanksgiving Day holiday – it was to publicly give thanks to God for his mercies (ibid.).  As with most religious holidays today, the religious component has been set aside by secular society. Thanksgiving is a long weekend in October with a big turkey dinner for family and friends. However, in church we still acknowledge God’s mercy and goodness in providing us with the bounty of the earth. Through the agency of farmers and growers, we receive food and drink in abundance. Let us be ever thankful to God and to those who provide for our needs as we enjoy the beauty of creation in this fall season.