The parish has confirmed our subscription to until June 2020.  Throughout this pastoral year, we will be offering both parish-wide and individual programs for you to learn about the Catholic faith and rediscover the riches of our sacramental and liturgical life.  With audio and video media, movies and documentaries, and programs for children, youth, adults, and families, FORMED offers many ways to deepen your relationship with Christ and the Church. There is so much to learn and discover about who we are and what we believe as Catholics.  Most of us have only the catechism we learned in elementary or Sunday school as the basis of what we know about the Church and its teachings. In a high-speed, digital world where there is so much information and misinformation “out there,” it is important to hear and know the truth about the gospel, the Church, and being Catholic in a post-modern and largely anti-Christian world.  If you have not subscribed to FORMED, I encourage you to do so, to log on and listen, learn, and ultimately live your Catholic faith.