In both Matthew and Mark’s gospels, Jesus tells his disciples that he has come from the Father not as Lord and King, to be served by the people who accept him as such, but to serve them and to give his life for them as the atoning sacrifice for their reconciliation and redemption (Mt 20:28; Mk 10:45). We read in John’s gospel how this service to others is modeled by Jesus at the Last Supper when he washed the feet of those who were at that Passover meal with him. “I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you,” Jesus tells his apostles (Jn 13:15). By positioning this act of service and those words in the context of the Last Supper, we can recognize that our service to one another is connected to our celebration of the Eucharist. From the Eucharist we receive the strength of will and courage to put ourselves at the service of one another. But our service is not limited to what takes place at the Sunday Eucharist. As disciples who listen to Jesus’ words and act on them, we reach out with the gospel in a variety of ways: sacramental preparation, faith formation, social action and justice, and ministry to the sick, the dying, and bereaved. These are but a few of the ways we can be of service to our parish and community acting on Jesus’ words and example. The Ministry Fair sets out for us many opportunities to use the God-given gifts we have received and in which we are strengthened by the Holy Spirit. As we have been blessed by the Lord so let us bless one another with our willingness to do for others what we can to help them know the Lord and grow in his love.