Parish Finance Council

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The mission statement of the Parish Finance Council is “to complement and render more effective the pastoral work of the parish through proper administration of the parish. “The Council is essentially a consultative body who assist the pastor in the administration of the parish’s financial matters. Canon 537 stipulates that “in conjunction with the pastor, the Council attends to all the financial affairs of the parish in accordance with diocesan regulations.”

These financial matters include revenue, expenses, investments, bookkeeping, salaries, construction contracts, sales, purchases, personnel matters and the maintenance of the parish property and buildings. The Council oversees the parish books and records, prepares annual income tax returns and financial statements.

The members of the Parish Finance Council are the trustees of the material property of the parish on behalf of all parishioners. It works closely with the Pastoral Council to ensure that the pastoral mission of the parish is effectively achieved.

The current members of the Finance Council are:

  • Rev. Paul Shepherd
  • Michael Phelan (chair)
  • Kathleen Grimes
  • Marilyn Jodoin
  • Aaron Northway
  • Jim Sauer

Should you have any questions or comments regarding any aspect of the financial administration of the parish, please contact the pastor or any member of the Council.

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