For almost 1500 years the Church has celebrated the Nativity (birthday) of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  With Jesus’ birth (December 25h) and John the Baptist’s (June 24th), the Church celebrates those events as being central to our salvation history.  Mary (conceived without sin), was prepared from her conception to be the Mother of Jesus would not have been born. John the Baptists was filled with the Holy Spirit while in his mother’s womb (Lk 1:15).  “St. Augustine (4th century), noted that the reason for the celebration of his birth is the church’s common belief that John entered the world freed (in the womb) from original sin” (, Nov. 2, 2016).  Both Mary and John the Baptist were filled or overshadowed by the Holy Spirit so they could advance the Father’s plan of redemption. Again, “Saint Augustine described the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary as an event of cosmic and historic significance, and an appropriate prelude to the birth of Jesus Christ. ‘She is the flower of the field from whom bloomed the precious lily of the valley,’ he said” (catholicnewsagency/